Juma Prayer on Fridays in Kyoto Grand Mosque
(currently restricted under the Coronavirus emergency)

Adhan: 13:00
Khutba: 13:05
Salat:    13:20

This time schedule for the Juma prayer is due to the Coronavirus emergency. It is shortened and held with social distance between praying members.

In case that you cannot enter the mosque due to the restriction of the number, we may pray the second Juma.

Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Wudu / Purification in Kyoto Grand Mosque

Our prayer room is underground. There are two toilets and wudu places, one for male, and the other for  female.

However, for Juma / Friday prayer, there are so many brothers, and the underground prayer hall and the ground floor (usually our Office) are used both for men. We are terribly sorry for sisters, since there are no space for sisters during Juma prayer.

Wudu places are also for only men during the Juma prayer time at the underground prayer hall.

Visitors to Kyoto Grand Mosque

We welcome our guests to Kyoto Grand Mosque.

To brothers and sisters who want to visit our Mosque,  please be informed that our Office is not open on Sundays. The mosque and prayers are managed by prayer care-takers.

We appologize to our visitors, if any inconvenience happens. We wish you a pleasant stay.